Client Testimonials

As a result of a traumatic brain injury (TBI), I had significant cognitive and health symptoms. The head injury caused enormous challenges with organization and coping skills, along with severe fatigue and migraines. Collette was able to bring her social work skills, professional organizing skills, and understanding to help restore structure and order in my life. In particular, she demonstrated high degree of understanding, empathy, and patience to help create an organizing plan and schedule that worked for me. Each organizing session, she reviewed our plan before starting to ensure we were aligned, and then efficiently moved ahead with putting order and structure back into my life. During each session, Collette asked what was working well and what wasn’t, and then adjusted accordingly. I felt like i was working with a good friend rather than a hired professional. Collette was skilled at reading my cues, if I was getting fatigued, frustrated, or overwhelmed she would adjust the pace accordingly. If I was suffering from a severe migraine, she would keep working and I would lay down and rest. I trusted her with my paperwork and personal items. Thanks to Collette’s strong work ethic and professionalism, “we” got a lot of work done, implemented useful coping strategies, and shared some good laughs along the way.
— Greg
Collette is punctual, reasonably priced, non-judgemental and friendly. She knew all the right questions to ask me to help make my decisions easier. She gave me many options on how I wanted things organized and it made sense to me! I hired a personal organizer previously and what she did looked great but didn’t work for me and Collette’s system worked for me! I have A.D.D. and she has experience working with working with people like myself and feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. She made it simple and not confusing. It’s been many months since she has organized my entire house and I can proudly say that it is still organized as I now know how to keep it that way! Best decision I made was to hire her! Even my hard to please husband is thrilled with her organizational skills!!! She also took away all my donation and recycle things so I didn’t have to deal with them.
— Shelley
Organizing by Oz has made a massive difference in my ability to stay on top of our family’s papers. Our family of 5, like most families, was drowning in paper. School documents, household documents, personal effects and such were in some different places, and filing had been started (but not kept up on) in multiple systems. Collette was able to help me narrow down how to categorize and then file the papers. Most importantly she helped me understand what was not working for me and why, and then come up with an efficient system that is intuitive as well as easy to keep up to date. I was then able to take what she had taught me and apply it to other areas of our home. Thank you, Collette, for helping me tame our Paper Dragon!
— Kathy
My mother and I used Collette of Organizing by Oz quite extensively over the past few months and found her to be extremely well organized, patient (for my 94-year-old mother) and very reliable. She also made the process fun and was able to get far more accomplished than I ever dreamed of as my mother does things very slowly. I plan on hiring her again when I need to move my mother and she can help organize the new place.
— Laurie and Trish
Collette came to me at a time I had limited mobility to accomplish the tasks which needed to be done. She was creative in finding ways to help me do the job myself and did not take over with her own agenda. That is important to me. I did the job myself with her expert direction. I would highly recommend her to any person with need of a helping hand where organizing is concerned. She also made the job fun. I actually enjoyed it!
— Linda
Earlier this year I found myself being harassed by several employees of the management of the seniors residence that I live in. Not understanding why this was happening, and in need of non-biased advice, I was advised by a friend to contact Collette of ‘ORGANIZING BY OZ’. I found Collette to be understanding, straight forward in her methods of inspection of my home. Her openness to listening and answering my questions was reassuring and very helpful to me. I found it easy and comfortable to follow her suggestions and directions, and, in fact, am still finding small yet productive ways to improve my organization of my home, always aware of what Collette said to me. Collette helped me to regain my belief in myself, was always available by telephone, returned calls promptly, and for this I will be forever grateful to her. I continue to follow her ideas and instructions; my health is improving daily, and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND COLLETE AND HER COMPANY ‘ ORGANIZING BY OZ to any and all who have a need for her services and moral support.
— Maxine
Collette was extremely helpful with great ideas, having my husband and I participate but also being able to just get into it herself and get things done. She was very good at being able to understand the differences between both myself and my husband and work very effectively with both of us.
— Carrie
Collette with Organizing by Oz came to our home to help us reorganize some of the critical-use areas of our home. I’m a full-time working parent, and became overwhelmed by clutter. She arrived on time, was very professional, knowledgeable, polite and came prepared. It was great to have someone so enthusiastic to help us organize our space. Many of her ideas that she suggested we still have kept up with.
— Michelle
I recently worked with Collette from Organizing by Oz. Collette came into our home for an assessment of trouble areas in our home as well as with the how we were managing our time spent trying to keep up the demands of a very busy family schedule. She provided a customized solution to our immediate needs as well as ideas on how to keep up our newly organized spaces as a family working together. We have all benefited from a much more organized home, which has freed up so much time for fun family activities. We are all so grateful for the above and beyond services that Collette provided and highly recommend the services provided by Organizing by Oz.
— Tracy
Collette gave me strategies for managing my money and organizing my priorities. At the time I was living in Vietnam and she was able to accommodate the time difference. Collette is great with connecting, discovering, and providing solutions. I would recommend her to anyone who is need of putting themselves back together.
— Ivery